Unleash Your Income Opportunities: Presenting Our $5,000 Customer Referral Initiative

Introducing ZapAI's New Client Referral Program

As a valued partner at ZapAI, we recognize that your achievements are closely tied to our own. That's why we're excited to introduce our exclusive Client Referral Program, tailored to enhance your financial gains! At The ZapAI, we have a strong belief in recognizing and rewarding outstanding consultants, such as yourself, who consistently exceed expectations. With this program, you now have the chance to earn as much as $5,000 for every client referral you make!

How Can You Earn?

  1. Exploring Contract Staffing Opportunities:

    Are you familiar with potential opportunities in the staffing industry or do you have contacts who could benefit from our services? When you introduce us to new staffing opportunities that result in successful placements, you can earn an extra $2 for every hour billed, with a maximum cap of 1,000 hours per resource placed through your referral. You can do this for up to 5 contractors we place through your introductions!

  2. Discovering Direct Hire Placement Opportunities:

    If you come across opportunities in the realm of direct hire placements or if you introduce us to prospects that lead to new direct hire placements, you have the chance to earn an additional $1,000 for each successful direct hire placement.

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Make sure not to pass up this chance to boost your income while assisting us in growing our community of skilled individuals. Together, we can attain remarkable achievements!

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